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Full-Time Blogging on Cusp of Maturity in India

In a survey of 100 plus Indian bloggers, 60% say that they are now working full-time as independent bloggers open up to new opportunities for sustainable brand positioning and influence.

Highlights of the report
A huge 90% bloggers surveyed said they charged a commercial fee for brands who engaged them in content partnerships
Full-time blogging is steadily becoming the norm as new writers begin to realise the potential of aligning themselves with major brands to expand their audiences
60% bloggers of the 100 plus bloggers surveyed in the report said they were currently earning their living as full-time bloggers
Traffic remains the No.1 indicator of a blog’s success and is followed by the quality of engagement with readers and blog incomes
67% bloggers said they often found brand pitches relevant for their kind of content, while 25% said they rarely found anything relevant or interesting in pitches